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Sagres Bird Watching Festival

The Mayor of Vila do Bispo, Adelino Soares, has the honor to invite you to be present at the official opening of the 9th edition of Bird Watching & Nature Activities Festival in Beliche Fort in Sagres, on the 4th of October at 10h00.

The ceremony with the presence of the Secretary of State Assistant and the Environment, José Mendes, and Madam Secretary of State for Tourism, Ana Mendes Godinho.






More information:

Municipality of Vila do Bispo> + 351 910 547 861

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Paddle out for Nature, Sagres

Last weekend at Mareta Beach , in Sagres, hosted the ceremonial “Paddle Out”, where the surfing community took a Sea commitment to protecting and defending the beaches, ocean and nature.
According to the organizers, the event attracted the place hundreds of surfers who managed to unite the national surf world and raise awareness of the great cause of this century, the protection and defence of nature, beaches and oceans.
Of several surfers who participated in this outstanding initiative Alex Botelho, Eurico Gonçalves, Dora Gomes, Manuel Mestre (Necas), Joao Dantas, Sergio Brandão, Tiago Oliveira, Shell Balsemão, John Mealha Marco Perini, Philip Burned (Kalhi), Manuel Dantas, Roberto Pimenta, John Xufre, Ze Master, Eurico Romaguera.
Also noteworthy was the participation of the Mayor of the council Adelino Soares Vila, Vice President of the Municipal Council of Loulé, Pedro Pimpão and Vice President of Tourism of the Algarve, Nuno Monteiro, who also wore their wetsuit and they took part in this event.
After the ceremony the celebration went to the fort with a concert including Time For T, Daniel Kemish, Raposeira Colective Dub Dj set and Toby One, round tables, exhibitions and grocery, culminating with the socializing in the bars of Sagres.
Francisco Target, president of the Association said at the end of the event, “With all contingencies involving a project and an event based on volunteerism and goodwill of a nonprofit organization, we consider that the event was a success, fulfilling the mission of raise awareness, inform and unite the surfing community and local citizens in protecting mission of beaches and oceans. ”
The organization, Association Paddle Out For Nature, thanks to all those who rowed in the initiative and shared their positive energy and joy to celebrate life.
Remember also that the event had the support of the Municipality of Vila do Bispo.

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XXXI World Championship Spear Fishing

The Portuguese Federation of Underwater Activities (FPAS) under the authority of the World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS) and in partnership with the Municipality of Vila do Bispo, organizes the XXXI World Championship Fishing 6-10 of September. The event will take place in the village of Sagres and is an important milestone for Portugal in the area of ​​underwater activities, which are expected more than 400 people, including athletes and their respective delegations of about 25 countries.

The event begins with the reception to the participants, on the 6th, followed by, on the 7th, a tour and Championship Opening Ceremony. On 8 and 9, due to competition, culminating in the ceremony of awards and the closing dinner on the last day.

The competition in teams and individual aims to promote the practice of underwater fishing, deconstructing some myths related to this sport as a contribution to the extinction of species. In this regard, it should be noted that only allowable catches of species with sporting value, identified in the supplementary regulations of the race, with minimum weight limits and quotas by species. All catches taken during the competition will be offered to charities.

It is recalled that the last world organized in Portugal took place in Sines in 2006, in which Portugal was World Champion for teams. In 2011, in Peniche, has won the Individual Champion in the competition Euro-African and World Individual Champion in Vigo the following year by the same athlete Algarve Jody Lot.

In this race, the Portuguese team will be guided by Rui Torres you have in your squad athletes Jody Lot, André Domingues, Pedro Domingues, Matthias Sandeck, João Miguel Santos and Pescadero.

Ricardo Joseph, President of FPAS, believes that “Portugal is a serious candidate to victory, both in the form of teams and individual.”

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Adelino Soares received Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and António Costa in Fortaleza de Sagres

The President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, came to Sagres on Thursday 16th August at Fortaleza de Sagres, with the Prime Minister, António Costa, for the usual council weekly meeting.

On arrival at the Fortaleza de Sagres, the President was received by the Mayor of Vila do Bispo, Adelino Soares, and the Regional Director of Culture of the Algarve, Alexandra Gonçalves.

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History Month in Sagres

In June 2018, we will celebrate  the contributions of one of the pioneers of archaeological research in Vila do Bispo Municipality, Dr. António Santos Rocha, archaeologist, collector, collector and museologist Figueira da Foz which also explored the Lusitanian-Roman context of Boca do Rio in Budens Parish.

Inaugurated in January 2015, the ‘ Story of the Month ‘ is a expository initiative of Vila do Bispo Interpretation Center, with which presents monthly an object and / or an associated informative speech. In addition to research, valuation, disclosure and socio-cultural sharing of certain notes and curiosities of the collective memory of the territory, it is intended, with this initiative we hope this will encourage you to visit the Interpretation Centre more often!

 Visit the at  Vila do Bispo Interpretation Center !


More information:


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Childrens day in Sagres – What is it and why is it celebrated

In Sagres and Portugal Childrens day is celebrated on 1st June.

This day reminds us of the old adage, “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”

Children’s Day is an international celebration intended to bring nations together to promote child welfare.

Its origins can be traced all the way back to Reverend Dr Charles Leonard, pastor of the Universalist Church of the Redeemer in Chelsea, Massachusetts, who gave a service dedicated to childhood innocence in June 1856. His sermon was so popular that it gave rise to an annual tradition known as Rose Day, later rechristened Flower Day.

The United Nations (UN) formally inaugurated Children’s Day as an international event in 1954, the celebration subsequently becoming associated with the UN’s Declaration of the Rights of the Child five years later and marked on the date of that legislation’s adoption thereafter, 20 November.

The date does vary from nation to nation, however, with China, Czech Republic and Portugal among those countries marking the occasion on 1 June.

In Martinhal Sagres they have a wide range of activities today for the children


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May dolls in Sagres

About a hundred “Maya” which is a spring tradition, are placed in various locations in the municipality of Vila do Bispo until 31st May.

This tradition is based on the placement of dolls, hand-crafted by the people in various places, especially at the door of the houses.

The dolls are puppets of white rags, old clothes and adorned with flowers of the field that are created to celebrate the arrival of the month of May and spring. They are accompanied by verses or sayings or social criticism jokes. They are presented on 1 May.

This initiative organized by the Municipality of Vila do Bispo in collaboration with the Santa Casa da Vila do Bispo and the county population aims to not let die a tradition over 2000 years. It is recalled that this tradition originated in the festivities and traditions of the ancient Romans.

Spread all over Portugal, this tradition is well rooted in the Algarve, in the municipalities of Olhão, Faro, Monchique, Lagos and Vila do Bispo – here, especially in the town of Raposeira.

The dolls are best know of the meaning of change, in passing, a new beginning and a new high point of time, so that the spring needs to be remembered and celebrated by people.

The dolls (Mays / Maya) are placed at various sites and places. Some seem to have had a magical meaning, wonder or evil or to draw good luck. ”

Where the Mayans are exposed:


  1. Centro de Saúde; 2. Mercado Municipal: Talho; 3. Rua do Mercado; 4. Clube Recreativo Infante Sagres;5. Junta de Freguesia; 6. Farmácia;7. Igreja; 8. Lar de Sagres; 9. Escola Básica 1.º Ciclo; 10. Intermarché Sagres; 11. Pastelaria Pinóquio; 12. Clínica Médica e Dentária; 13. Pastelaria Vila Mareta;14. Jardim de Infância; 15. Rua Pedra da Bala; 16. Rotunda Roça de Veiga

Vila do Bispo

  1. Câmara Municipal de Vila do Bispo; 18. Centro Cultural – 19. Bombeiros; 20. Farmácia; 21. Supermercado SuperSul 2; 22. Centro de Convívio; 23. Centro de Saúde; 24. Mercado Municipal; 25. Centro de Interpretação; 26. Igreja; 27. Junta de Freguesia; 28. Escola Básica 2.º e 3.º Ciclo; 29. Escola Básica 1.º Ciclo; 30. Jardim de Infância; 31. CPCJ – Rua José Cardoso; 32. Vivenda Família Pedro; 33. Rua Ribeira do Poço; 34. Rua Ribeira do Poço; 35. Retrosaria Paula Rio


  1. Associação Desportiva e Cultural da Raposeira; 37. Supermercado SuperSul 1; 38. Jardim em frente à Igreja; 39. Igreja; 40. Centro de Dia
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Vasco Coelho Santos Dinner, Martinhal Sagres

On 17th March, Martinhal Sagres will be pleased to receive Chef Vasco Coelho Santos from “Euskalduna Studio” restaurant for another gastronomic experience at O Terraço.

During the final year of his Business Management degree, Vasco realized that his passion for cooking was stronger than his love for numbers. Cooking was what he really loved to do and stopped everything to pursue his dream. In 2008, Vasco moved from Porto to Lisbon, where he studied at Atelier de Cozinha Michel. At the same time, he worked at “Olivier Avenida” with Chef Olivier. His degree’s internship was at “Tavares Rico” with José Avillez, the first Portuguese Chef that got two Michelin stars. In early 2010, he left for Spain where he joined the team of some of the world’s best restaurants: Mugaritz, Arzak e ElBulli. Learn amongst Chefs like Andoni Aduriz, Arzak e Ferran Adria was an amazing experience that influenced his career. After three years, he returned to Oporto willing to go further and explore what he learned. Then, it appear the opportunity to be part of Pedro Lemos’ team, where he worked for two years. In mid-2013, Vasco went on a trip for a few months to explore new flavors and culinary worlds. He visited several countries in Europe and Asia, where he worked at Viajante (London) and 2am: Dessert Bar (Singapore).


Back to Oporto, he started Euskaldna Studio, specializing in private dinners that aim to bring the best ingredients to the client’s table. Furthermore, he often participated in conferences, culinary meetings, showcookings and workshops. In June 2016, his entrepreneurial vision lead him to join the restaurant business as partner of Baixó Pito. With a groundbreaking culinary concept, all thought by Vasco, the restaurant is Oporto’s first Chicken House, where chicken is reinvented. This ingredient is also the starting point to the menu, full of new techniques and world’s flavors. At the end of 2016, Vasco opened, at the heart of Oporto city, Euskalduna Studio to continue the culinary experimentation, the search for his gastronomic identity and the constant pursuit of flavors’ eclecticism.

Vasco Coelho Santos was honored with two great chef awards: “Best portuguese newcomer 2017”, and “The highlight of year 2017”.

The menu is


Algarvian prawn, Scarlet shrimp and curry

Mackerel, Cucumber and Gin

John Dory fish, roe and coriander

Iberian pork and cabbage

Pre-Dessert: Citrus

Special Dom Rodrigo (Traditional Algarvian dessert)

If you would like to attend please do not hesitate to contact Martinhal Resort

Please click here to view the menu.

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Carnival and Cycling

This week in Sagres Carnival and Cycling……..

The carnival parade was a success we may not have had the weather of Brazil but the spirit was definitely seen in Sagres. People came from all over the west of the Algarve to see the colourful floats driving down the main high street. There was an assortment of different dancers in a variety of amazing fancy dress. All with one purpose to have fun!

Sagres is the starting point for the 2nd stage of the Algarve tour bike race “Volta ao Algarve” on Thursday 15th February. The start of the race is scheduled for 12 noon in the Fortaleza (fort) parking. They will be racing to Foia at the top of the Monchique mountains. The route in total will be 187.9 km.

The bike race consists of 5 stages that will run from 14-18th February. There are 175 cyclists pre-registered including many of the top names in the world of cycling. The squad will consist of 13 World Tour teams, 3 continental professional teams and nine Portuguese teams. Among the registered cyclists are 19 out of the world top 80 cyclists. Two of these are from the top 10 being Poland’s Michal Kwiatkowski (Team Sky), who is eight in the ranking and Belgians Philippe Gilberts (Quick-Step Floors) who is tenth in the ranking. The cycle race will be broadcast to more than 50 countries. The coverage will be shown on the Eurosport and in Portugal by TVI24.

It is a fantastic event for Sagres as it is great for the promotion of the area, since this event is shown both nationally and internationally. The Volta ao Algarve is organised by the Cycling Association of the Algarve and the Portuguese Cycling Federation and has the support of the Vila do Bispo City Council. All the latest information regarding the bike race is constantly being updated on this website update

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Carnival in Sagres

Carnival in Sagres

February is carnival time in Sagres. Although dressing up isn’t obligatory, it’s a whole load of fun, the locals’ love it and there are costumes to be found in most supermarkets and Chinese shops. The parade is on Sunday 11th February at 2.30pm in the main street in Sagres. Come and join in!

More information can be found on the Vila do Bispo council website