The Process
In order to finalise the sale of your house, you must submit various documents that identify the property and that confirm the legitimacy of the seller:
1. Land Registry Certificate (Certidão do Registo Predial)
The information made available by the land registry tells you about the composition of a certain building, the legitimacy of the person intending to sell the property and the types of encumbrance that may affect it (mortgages, collateral, etc).
2. Title Certificate (Caderneta Predial)
This document may be requested from any tax office. It contains information about the property’s tax situation and can be used to find out which entity is responsible for meeting fiscal obligations related to the property.
3. Usage Licence (Licença de Utilização)
The purpose of the Usage Licence is to certify the intended use of the property, and that it is suitable for its licensed purpose. However, proof of the licence request may be submitted along with the purchase agreement if the licence is yet to be issued.
4. Housing Technical Datasheet (Ficha Técnica de Habitação)
The Housing Technical Datasheet is a document that describes the main technical and functional characteristics of a property. This is for properties built after October 2004
5. Energy Certificate (Certificado Energético)
This must be submitted by the property owner
7. Photocopies of the ID cards (or equivalent identity document) and of the taxpayer cards of the contracting parties
Source: APEMIP
When all the paperwork has been checked the contract is drawn up and signed by both parties.
The Selling Process
The selling process is very easy especially when a member of the Imogarbe team is looking after you.
All offers will be forwarded to the seller and when has been agreed a letter of offer will be sent in writing will be sent to seller, buyer and their respective Legal Representatives.
The buyers’ lawyer will check all the relevant paperwork to ensure that the property is up to date and correct.
Where appropriate the inventory will be completed by an Imogarbe representative for inclusion in the Promissory Contract.
A copy of the Promissory Contract will be sent to the seller by his/her Legal Representative before the signing.
Imogarbe will also take and provide meter readings for the utilities (water, gas, electricity etc) on the day of the Escritura.
We will a end the Escritura to ensure completion. Payment of the nal 50% of the selling fees is due on the day of Escritura.
The period between the offer and the promissory contact can be between 2 weeks and a month if all the documents are in order and there are no banks involved
The Promissory Contract to Escritura normally takes between 30 – 60 days.